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Native American tribes had a well developed medicinal repertoire based on trees, plants and even weeds. The maple tree featured prominently among them, and the bark and the sap was used as a cough remedy and as relief for sore eyes caused by hunching over cooking fires. Tonics made for maple sap was used for general health and vigour, and in particular, to restore muscle strength in postpartum women. It was clear that the early Canadian natives realized that maple sap was full of healthful nutrients, and today we are rediscovering this wonder food.
Several studies are examining the various benefits of maple syrup.
Early indications from studies indicate that maple syrup may contribute to health and well being in multiple ways – protecting against inflammation and insulin resistance, promoting a healthy liver and gut – the good news about maple syrup keeps rolling in. Packed with polyphenols (a type of antioxidant), amino acids, vitamins and minerals, maple sap and syrup is being studied extensively for its beneficial effects in a variety of ways:
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Moderating blood sugar

Maple syrup contains a significant amount of phytohormones of the abscisic acid (ABA) family, which may play a therapeutic role in managing diabetes and metabolic functions. According to studies underway, the phytohormone may help the body better metabolize the sugars in maple syrup.

A recent analysis has also shown that the amount of polyphenols found in maple syrup is approximately five times greater than quantities found in honey and corn syrup, and 400 times greater than in agave syrup. Several studies have posited that consuming polyphenols regularly could have a positive impact on metabolic health, among other benefits.

These studies indicate that when used in controlled amounts, maple syrup may be better at controlling blood sugar levels and insulin resistance than white sugar.

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Liver protective effects

Studies on rats showed that maple syrup had a beneficial effect on the liver as indicated by the biochemical parameters. This is very good news particularly since liver disease has been on the rise in India and is reaching endemic levels.

It’s easy to see why the time-honoured maple syrup from Canada can be delicious and healthy part of our diets!

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Anti inflammation

Maple syrup seems to contain a combination of phenols and other compounds that inhibits inflammation which has a harmful effect on the body.