Get Snacking with Maple

Snacking with Maple

Snacking made healthy

with 100% pure maple syrup from Canada

From homework to leisure over the weekends, being a parent in today’s times takes multitasking to next level! More so when you want to provide your children with the best. We’re here to help you and your child sail through these rough waters with ease. Stay tuned for tips & tricks, recipes and heart to heart conversations with our health experts to learn how to have fun with your kid and stay healthy!

maple taffy

Homemade candy?
Yes please!

Maple Taffy

Blue Banana Smoothie

Real Fruit.
Real Good!

Blue Banana Smoothie

Grated Apple and Yogurt Drink

A blend you can’t
help but love!

Grated Apple & Yogurt Drink

Maple Energy Squares

A power packed,
guilt free snack

Maple Energy Squares

Don’t let the trials of parenting get the best of you!

Follow us for tips & tricks to keep your kid happy and energized in the healthiest way.

100% pure maple syrup is easily available at leading gourmet stores near you as well as online grocery stores.
The only ingredient to look out for on the bottle is ‘100% pure maple syrup from Canada’.